Everyone here does excellent work, and it's a fun office. My rating is 5++++++++++ stars!
– Blake

This is a fun and friendly place to get dental work. I love Dr. Holden and his staff. They are professional, and I truly look forward to my visit.
– Susan

Your employees say they cannot envision working elsewhere. Their attitude carries through to us – your patients.
– Garey

The Oscar goes to each and every one of you for outstanding work performance in your field. Congratulations! Thanks for all that you do – for your kindness, for caring, for being the best.
– Sophia

Thank you from the Malika children near the town of Guatuso, Costa Rica. The children loved the toothbrushes you sent more than all the other supplies we brought them. Thank you again.
– Ann and Alyssa

Meet Our Team

We love what we do. We provide energetic, effective, and welcoming service to each patient. We work well together. In fact, many of us have worked together for over a decade. We are well trained. We know the ins and outs of our jobs so you can happily get in and out of our office.

Keep reading to get to know us a little better. We can’t wait to get to know you.

Cally Holden, Office Manager

Dr. Holden's sidekick at the office and on stage

  • JOYFULLY listens to the laughter in the office.
  • CREATES new projects for the office like going digital and paperless. She loves theater—whether she is acting on the stage with Dr. Holden or directing.
  • SMILES as she watches all of her grandchildren changing in the blink of an eye.

Ginny, Dental Hygienist

Gardener and traveler extraordinaire and a confessed know-it-all in the kitchen

  • JOYFUL when a patient leaves with a bigger smile than they came in with or after a great yoga class.
  • CREATES a dinner with food from her garden.
  • Her children make her SMILE.

Keri L.D. Halgren, DDS

Associate Dentist

  • JOYFULLY experiences the scenic Northwest summers with her husband and two daughters.
  • CREATES a comfortable experience for all patients.
  • SMILES as she educates patients on the importance of dental health, so they can keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Krissa, Patient Care Coordinator

Remembers your name and where you went on vacation

  • JOYFULLY builds relationships with patients.
  • CREATES memories with her husband, son, and rabbit named Silly.
  • SMILES while she camps, gardens, golfs, cooks, works out, and travels.

Michelle, Dental Hygienist

Friend of all and devoted to quality care

  • JOYFULLY keeps up with her husband, two "active" children, and six chickens.
  • CREATES family memories playing at the beach—toes in the sand, ice cream in hand, and crabbing.
  • SMILES as she watches her family grow. She is rewarded by the improvements her patients make and finds it a pleasure to work with such a great staff and doctor for so long!

Pam, Dental Assistant

Dr. Holden's mind reader and patient-name expert

  • JOYFULLY travels with her husband to Kauai and Lake Tahoe.
  • CREATES a warm, comfortable environment for all patients
  • SMILES while boating, golfing, cross-country skiing, and enjoying the great outdoors