Everyone here does excellent work, and it's a fun office. My rating is 5++++++++++ stars!
– Blake

This is a fun and friendly place to get dental work. I love Dr. Holden and his staff. They are professional, and I truly look forward to my visit.
– Susan

Your employees say they cannot envision working elsewhere. Their attitude carries through to us – your patients.
– Garey

The Oscar goes to each and every one of you for outstanding work performance in your field. Congratulations! Thanks for all that you do – for your kindness, for caring, for being the best.
– Sophia

Thank you from the Malika children near the town of Guatuso, Costa Rica. The children loved the toothbrushes you sent more than all the other supplies we brought them. Thank you again.
– Ann and Alyssa

Pediatric Dentistry

Our office welcomes your children. We find their smiles especially joyful.

We want to help children create a lifetime of healthy smiles. We encourage dental exams and cleanings twice a year. We also provide sealants, fluoride treatments, and general dentistry for children.


The grooves in the back teeth are very hard to clean. To prevent decay in these teeth, tooth sealants are applied to the chewing surface. Sealants are easy and painless to apply, and they can save your child’s teeth from decay.


Fluoride helps teeth become stronger and makes them more resistant to decay. As part of your child’s professional cleaning, they get a fluoride treatment—available in a variety of flavors, of course.